Spiros Family Apartments.

Spiros Family Apts, offer a restful and relaxing stay and are perfect for all travelers, whether solo or travelling as families and groups. With interiors bringing the sun, sand and sea into the heart of your accommodation, relax in this stylish, self-catered studio, comprising a fully-equipped kitchen, comfortable beds, bathroom facilities and a large veranda.

With attentive hospitality and a warm welcome from your local hosts, experience the traditional lifestyle of Zakynthos. Discover the secrets of the island from a local perspective, and enjoy an explosion of flavour in our homemade meals. Imagine the sun streaming down on your cool and sleek apartment, with adventure, inspiration and culture just outside the door. Is there any better way to start your day?

Explore in depth. Givewonder. Travel with care.
And also, with a sense of fun.
Let us show you a style Made in Greece.

Denia Vythoulka - Property Owner

Experience Zakynthos.

Experience our private tours, we have custom-designed for you. They are Authentic. Original. Sensational.
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Such a welcome and lovely family. Able to help you with any query you have, extra services available if you kindly ask. The location was great. Close to the centre of Laganas and close to a lovely swimming pool. Fresh linen every two days! Where do you find that!? It was a lovely experience with these kind people.
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The owners are really friendly and you are treated like a member of the family. The traditional Greek breakfast was delicious and the apartments are only around four minutes from the main strip in Laganas. However, you really don’t notice how close you are; at night it is lovely and peaceful and quiet, because Spiros is down a secluded road.
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We had a really great time at Villa Sprios. The host, Antonio and his family was lovely, they recommended programs and restaurants, and were really helpful and welcoming. 🙂 The Apartman is close to the beach (ca. 5 min walk) and also the main street which is full of shops, clubs, restaurants, bars, coffes, and convenience stores are closeby too.
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We booked all the tours directly from their structure which was really convenient and they also arranged for us to rent a car which was comfortably delivered to the apartment parking lot. The location is great, close to the sea and the famous Laganas street full of shops and clubs where you can eat and drink. Despite the proximity to the nightlife, the place is quiet and also suitable for families.